Saturday, August 22, 2009


So the love of my life decides to write his thoughts for the world to see. Great idea. 5 minutes later I have a matching blog. My brother hated this all growing up. Whatever he wanted, I couldn't live without. Whatever he music he liked, it would be on repeat on my little kareoke as I sang my heart out of every word. Whatever he was hungry for, my stomach spoke the same language. The truth is, I have always been that way with everyone I love. My brother just got annoyed with it the most and pointed it out as often as he could.
When I was little, I used to sit out on the hard cement wall and watch my Daddy work on cars. Every now and then he would explain to me the process of rebuilding the cars. I just enjoyed the smell of the oil and hearing him sing along to those 50's and 60's tunes he (and I of course!) loved so much.
This character trait/flaw DID have its benefits. It helped me land the greatest guy I could have ever dream of. My Mawie (grandma) was the best cook I ever met. We would spend hours in the kitchen making chicken and dumplins, cookies, pie crusts, fried fish, biscuits...and the list goes on. That talent and passion led my husband to love me more with each meal.
So, I will come to this site and share what really gets me going every now and again. And he will laugh and say he doesn't mind that I always love to jump on board with whatever activity, snack, music tickles his fancy...and that's why I can't live another day without him.

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