Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Last Thursday I took Charlee up to my mom's for the day. I had her doing her "tummy time" and out of nowhere she rolled over to her back. I laughed and thought she did it on accident (although she was extremely pleased with herself regardless). I put her back on her stomach and she just whipped right over again. No grunting, struggling, aggrivation. She is a genius. A star. I find it funny that we celebrate every achievement. I was so elated. I was clapping and cheering like she just ran her first marathon with her eyes closed. When do we stop that? More importantly WHY do we stop that? If ever I tell my cousin Annabelle how pretty she is she always replies "I know." I love that confidence. I hate that when Bran tells me I look beautiful my reply is usually, "What? Now? No way." or "How much is that guitar going to cost us?" The innocence mixed with confidence of a child is such a beautiful thing. I believe our first heartbreak and betrayel and failure leads us to a place of understanding, but also puts a pin prick in our self esteem balloon. Without someone constantly reassuring us that we are on the right path, or that we are wanted, or even that we are the most beautiful thing created...we deflate. And who likes an empty balloon? They are certainly no fun to play with and don't do much for the life of a party. So I would like to bring back the idea of making a fuss over every achievement. Call, text, comment to me your life happenings that you are proud of. Did you write a great blog? Let's celebrate! Find an awesome website? I'll owe you dinner! Run further than you did last week? A cake is coming your way! Run at all? I've got a trophy with your name on it! Anyone else jumping on this train with me? Even if you don't...post me your achievements. It can be a party every day.

"Jesus must just really like me."

Today, my heart is heavy and my mind is at home with my baby girl and amazing husband. I've had 2 clients since I got here at 9 and all I can think about is Charlee's giggle and making a big breakfast for Bran. My coworker from Russia said they give new mother's 2 years maternity leave. Holy wow. I can only imagine. I never realized just how guilty I would feel leaving her each morning. I know it's not my choice, but really...
I start my new job August 20th. I haven't been this nervous/scared/excited in 3 months. I am at a weird place in my life. I get so anxious about the gifts that are being given to me, but so calmly I accept each new phase of my existence. Amazing things are happening.
Charlee is so much fun that its hard to explain. Mainly because by fun, I am referring to watching her try to make my facial expressions and drool on herself while gurgling me an encoded message. I've never been this happy with something I have created (or helped create). Good thing she didn't turn out like my scrapbook or my furniture painting project. Otherwise, babysitters may not be so easy to find. I think most women think their baby to be the cutest thing alive. Because I am in no way biased to the good looks and status of my girl, I would have to say she is, by far, the most adorable thing alive. I'm not sure how something of such greatness cooked in my womb...Jesus must just really like me.
Brandon and I have a new game. Charlee has become quite the sloberrer. I'm not sure that's even a word...but its truth. Whenever she has a substantial amount on her face, whoever is holding her tries to have her kiss the other. She leaves a snail trail. Its hilarious and gross and cute all at once. She has no idea, but I am sure when she hears this story later in her life, she will add this to the list of "Reasons I hate my parents".