Thursday, January 16, 2014


It would seem I only have the desire to blog when I am Ms. Melancholy. I have finally figured out I hate January.  The whole month.  I don't use the word hate often.  But I am pretty sure I mean it.  Maybe strongly dislike.  It's funny that I feel guilty typing that if I could hurt January's feelings.  I decided to figure out the root of the feelings instead of sleep.  Well, my mind decided for me.
I try to think of January as a fresh start.  Everyone is always, "What are your New Year's resolutions?"  It's kind of like saying, "Hey! What are you planning to fail to do/not do?"  That seems like such a Negative Nancy view.  I just laughed at myself. I just yearn for real change.  Not because a ball dropped but because I am tired of dropping the ball.
January is a little salt into the wounds caused by time that refuses to slow the efffff down.  My babes are growing.  Charlee is a small human.  On the way to church I asked Bran if I looked ok.  He replied yes and she piped up from the back, "You do, indeed."  Seriously?  What three year old uses INDEED??  The boys might as well be dating with all their smiling and drooling at all females while said ladies grin from ear to ear.
The heat generating from my cheeks is that thing I don't want to talk about (ohhhhhh but I will).  That dread that comes with January.  The day is coming where reality rips at the scar on my heart.  When someone is talking about a birthday and they say, "Well, it's better than the alternative"... I feel the familiar catch in my throat. The alternative I must face.  There is no one to call on the 29th.  It's not a happy birthday song in my heart.  It's a day I feel completely ok feeling sorry for myself. It's the day I miss my favorite man in the universe the absolute most.
The other night I had a dream that I was dying and had to inform Bran about everything I did with the kids so he could do it all when I died (for a sob fest you can see this as a movie called My Life).  I woke up and felt sorrow to the core of my bones.  So maybe my dad didn't need to tell my mom how I liked to be held...but what's worse...he couldn't tell her.  Our hearts.  Our souls.  They had to say their own goodbyes.  What we shared could never be recreated.  He just had to trust my mom would do what she does best.  She would have to hold it all together.
I think what makes that knot in my throat appear is the thought of him not seeing me as a mom.  I finally found something I love and feel confident in(well...most days).  The love that gushes from my heart could only be multiplied by him.  Charlee would be his best friend. The boys would instinctively reach for him. I remember hearing stories about his mom and dreaming of knowing her. I would yearn to know her and for her to know me.  I would be lying if I said I didn't cry wondering if Charlee will feel the same way about him.


  1. Wow I have tears as I read this. God bless you! You have a genuine heart and it is so refreshing. I'm gonna stop and pray God's peace and wisdom for you to get thru the 29th. I have no words of comfort but He will...

  2. I love you!!! You tell it like it is, from deep down with lots of love! I do believe Charlee would be his best friend! And the boys, well, they would be crazy about that man!! I mean who wasn't??!!! XOXOXOXOXXO

  3. Alysun I could just picture you sitting and crying at your computer... thank you for sharing your heart. For sharing the things that you love deepest and your desires for the continuance of said things. While I doubt that Charlee will love your Dad the way you do, simply because she hasn't known him in the flesh. I do think that she will know how special he is / was because you will talk of him through the years with such love and admiration and missing that she and the boys will instinctivly grasp the importance of him. The love they will feel will be mixed heavily with their love of you, for how you delight in them and how deep your love and hopes are for them. In all cases they will stand on a firm and thick foundation from which to launch from. Your Dad gave you a strong heritage and you dear Alysun are passing that on with every cell in your being! I will praying for you up to and through as well as beyond the 29th. (not in an effort to out do Melanie, but because I think the passing of the birthday lingers for a few days, as does the anniversary of his homegoing) : ) Marti

  4. Just remember, he may not be there in flesh, but he has seen you as a mom. He IS seeing you as a mom, and I guarantee you that he is smiling. :-)