Friday, August 21, 2015

Love wins.

Think about all the things you have done in your life.  The beautiful things (we can probably find those on Facebook). The honorable things (we can probably find those on Facebook). The fun things (we can probably find those on Facebook).  See a trend?  It's not a bad one.  I enjoy watching other people enjoy things.  Now think about those things you did that you shouldn't have done.  Go back to those parts of your memory you wish to forget ever happened.  Take a moment and reflect on those moments you did/said the unthinkable.  Maybe no one knows.  Maybe your very best friend or your spouse knows.  Imagine if it was put up for the world to know.  And then you were mocked.  You are no less a victim than a villain.
Here is my two cents about Mr. Duggar.  He was clearly wrong.  Clearly.  What he did is incredibly sad and hurtful, not only to people who have looked to him as an example...but to his wife and children.  The snide remarks I have seen against him rock my core.  Yes EVERYONE he was wrong.  He should be held accountable.  But look at the big picture here. We teach our children to be kind yet we cyber bully a perfect stranger and share and spread the hate.  I just don't understand why you feel power over someone who is wrong?  They are wrong.  Life is not fair. It is not your duty to deliver the thrashes. I know this because I've been there.  I've held that rock with perfect aim.
This world is so full of hate.  Honestly, at times, I struggle to keep it at bay.  I have my own hurts.  I have my own feelings about all of this.  Most importantly I have my own sin that gives me plenty to focus on (and the grace that covers a repenting heart). I have said and done MANY MANY MANY things I am not proud of.  Some I have shared with trusted friends and asked for forgiveness.  Some, I will take to my grave, as only I know where my wondering heart has taken me.
I just ask, that before you throw stones at a person who will undoubtedly receive his consequence, throw grace.  Grace doesn't look like acceptance.  Grace looks like forgiveness and the awareness that we have all fallen short.
I don't come at this from a pedestal.  I come at this subject from someone who has searched every last part of my soul for forgiveness of myself and others. Hate doesn't make hate ok (the comments about Christians worrying about gay marriage ruining the sanctity).  Hate breeds more hate with deeper roots and vicious cycles.  Just my two cents.