Monday, September 7, 2015

The time to love is NOW.

Growing up, my favorite Precious Moments Bible story was "The Good Samaritan". I still remember sitting up at night, the pastel heart comforter tucked tightly around my body as to not let spiders, bugs, or monsters creep in my sheets. My tiny mind would strain to think of what the men who walked by the bleeding man might look like. I couldn't do it. I simply wasn't able to imagine a face of someone who could do such a thing.
Tonight, hopping on facebook for the first time in a few days, I am bombarded with gut wrenching pictures. Babies. Those sweet babies. I try to imagine them alive, preparing for the trip. I try to imagine their parents. I can't. I can't do it. I literally went in and picked up my sleeping babes and cried while I squeezed their tiny bodies. Charlotte had come down about six times with excuses as to why she was still not asleep. The last time I sent her to her room without another hug goodnight. She cried her tired tears and I went back to trying to fix a broken toilet (really I was just staring at it and feeling sorry for myself). I see these pictures of kids and I have to wake her up to let her know I hugged her and that I love her and man...who could turn these people away?
If I had a boat or a plane or a contraption to help me fly, I would get those people, one by one. If those people were to make it here, I would feed them food and listen to their stories, and help them heal any way I could figure out how. Isn't that what we are called to do? Isn't that part of our story? How could we not? Are the same people who think we shouldn't bring them here more than likely the same people who don't care where their products are from as long as it's a better deal? That might be presumptuous of me but if you are reading this and this is are who I am talking to.
I can't even think right now about what else we could/should be doing. I had to stop looking at facebook with all the bickering and finger pointing about the lady (who's name I can't remember) and her stance on issuing a gay marriage license. How about we use facebook with a purpose other than just stating our opinion? How about we save lives and take action? REAL EFFING ACTION. I just know that the pope has the right idea...and if any refugees want to come to my house, you should believe they would get a meal, hugs, and my support.
You can join me.